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Driven: Understanding and Harnessing the Genetic Gifts Shared by Entrepreneurs, Navy SEALs, Pro Athletes, and Maybe YOU

Some people are born with a drive often seen in entrepreneurs, pro-athletes, inventors, adventurers, and Navy SEALs. It's in their DNA - research has shown that certain genes can manifest resilient and highly focused people who can also be impulsive and easily distracted. While these traits enabled our ancient ancestors to survive, if you have these […]

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Founder, Farmer, Tinker, Thief: The Four Phases of the Entrepreneur's Journey

There’s never been a better time to be an entrepreneur, and yet finding the blueprint that can help you start or grow your business is a huge challenge. Every day, thousands of blog posts, podcasts, and videos are posted to guide and inspire entrepreneurs just like you.Why, then, do you feel paralyzed by the overwhelm […]

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Start Your Own Event Planning Business: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Success (StartUp Series)

START YOUR OWN EVENT PLANNING BUSINESS AND CELEBRATE ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK!Weddings, graduations, birthday parties, anniversaries, and conferences—what do these all have in common? Everyone would rather hire someone else to plan and run them! That someone can be you.Take your passion for event planning to the next level with in-the-trenches advice and […]

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Entrepreneur Academy

Do you dream of running your own business? Are you bursting with creativity? Learn how to test your ideas, stand out from the competition, become a great manager and give back to the world through the activities in this book.

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The Creative Entrepreneur: A DIY Visual Guidebook for Making Business Ideas Real

The Creative Entrepreneur was voted Winner, in two categories--Craft and Business, of the 2009 IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Association) Benjamin Franklin Award which recognizes excellence in publishing. This book is for the large audience of artists, crafters, and creative individuals from all walks of life who desire to make a livelihood from their creative work, […]

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Hollywood Entrepreneur: Behind Practiced Smiles

This is my story, starting from the age of fourteen, when I began working and associating with some of the biggest names in sports and show business. It was with the help of some of these stars that I began my singing and concert production career. My experiences—the ups and downs of a life surrounded […]

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The Action Planner: a quarterly planner for entrepreneurs

The Action Planner I created this planner because I had a hard time finding a planner that fits my needs. I am a wife, a mom of two toddlers, and a multi business owner, so I needed a planner that helps me stay organized and on top of all the different projects I am constantly […]

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The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs: (Tips on Marketing/Promotion, Creating and Editing Content, and Navigating Through the Music Industry)

At only 17 years of age, a young writer by the name of Henry Johnson III explains the different tips, tricks, and methods he uses to make money in the modern day world. From giving advice based upon his personal experiences with making and creating funny content, to marketing, promoting, and how to have the […]

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No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs: The Ultimate No-Holds-Barred Kick-Butt Take-No-Prisoners Guide to Time Productivity and Sanity (No B.S. Series)

Warning: This audiobook is not for the faint of heart, fawningly polite, or desperate to be liked. This audiobook is expressively for entrepreneurs and business owners who wear many hats - those who can't resist piling more responsibility onto his own shoulders, who has more great ideas than time and resources to take advantage of […]

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The Christian Entrepreneur: Dream, Plan, Execute, Grow

The road to launching a successful business can be long and confusing. Where do you start? Should you rent office space or work out of your garage? Should you register as a for-profit or a nonprofit business? How should you handle legal issues that come up? What does it mean to be a "Christian" entrepreneur […]

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The Landlord Entrepreneur: Double Your Profits with Real Estate Property Management

From the author of the real estate investment bible Buy It, Rent It, Profit! comes a fresh guide to teach new and aspiring landlords how to go from managing a single rental property to successfully managing a large rental portfolio.In his first book, real estate expert Bryan Chavis created the ultimate how-to guide for buying […]

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Matsushita Leadership

He was one of the most inspirational role models of all time. Thrown into poverty at age four, Konosuke Matsushita (Mat-SOSH-ta) struggled with the early deaths of family members, an apprenticeship which demanded sixteen-hour days at age nine, all the problems associated with starting a business with neither money nor connections, the death of his […]

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