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Rise of the Entrepreneur – Official Movie Trailer

Rise of The Entrepreneur in Home Business Online

Today Eric Worre of released the trailer for the highly anticipated documentary on the “Rise of the Entrepreneur.”

In about 2 minutes hear from leaders from around the world explain how society in stuck in the past ways of thinking because they are afraid to face the reality of change in today's market place!

“Our children will not do as well as us”

A shocking yet powerful statement!

An eye opener for us parents raising our kids to go to school, get good grades and get a job!

Yes kids must be educated to have an advantage but they come out of school in debt looking for a job that will support them enough to pay off their school loans about the time their kids go to school!

Can you see the pattern here?

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“What you see right now is an illusion”

People are holding on to their jobs because they don't know what else to do….

But the point is to do something!

Make better use of your off hours, create time in your schedule to feed your mind, network with the right people, start thinking like an entrepreneur.

If you're in the Rat Race of Life don't point your kids in the same direction!

Encourage and support our youth to think outside the JOB mentality box and yes go to school, get good grades, get a job

BUT find your bigger purpose in life!

This world has changed and continues to change, don't hold back children and youth by stealing their dreams or telling them “you can't do that….who knows what they can do!”

The power of a home based Internet business online

Eric Worre is a thought leader and trainer in the Network Marketing industry.

Some people love network marketing and MLM other hate it!

Some have had good success while others have not.

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The Internet has leveled the playing field!

If you've been a part of any network marketing company you'll hear the talk like “This business is for anyone, from any walk  of life, with any background or education…..” but too often location can be a limiting factor.

Can you drive to weekly meetings, home parties, regional and nation training events?

When you build an online Internet business from home you literally work anytime from anywhere! You learn to market and promote products, services, training and much more.

Weekly training events and regional events are available to travel to OR view online via streaming webinars!

One warning: There is so much opportunity on the Internet you can go broke trying everything!

I started my online business in the late 90's and sold it 5 years later. I've started and number of successful business ventures since then but also failed in a few!

Too often people blame the company or product and that can happen BUT too often it's YOU and your mindset!

If you don't do well in a company or make any money promoting it….. and others are….

It's probably you that's the problem?

I had to face that harsh reality and when I joined mastermind groups of like minded people I started thinking like them, acting like them and then earning income like them online!

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Rise of The Entrepreneur in Home Business Online



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