What I DON’T miss about network marketing


EVERYONE is a prospect!

One of the first lessons in how to succeed in network marketing, is EVERYONE is a prospect.

For over two years, everywhere I went, I was looking at people as “prospects”!

My work, school events, social events, community events. If you want to know “how to succeed in network marketing” you have to get out and “network” with people and “market” your opportunity.

Do you have the “eye of the tiger” for your business?

The first step on how to succeed in network marketing

If you've been in MLM you've heard it

“don't pre-judge anyone, you don't know everyones situation, you don't know if they are looking for your products/services you don't know if they are ready to make a life change, you don't know……..”

So create a list of 100+ people and I'll train you how to “invite” them without saying too much….

Times have changed and network marketing companies are falling behind!

In the past 5-10 years a major shift has happened worldwide!

Your major prospects or people who can be successful in network marketing are now spending more time on the Internet.

These “driven, red, entrepreneurial people” are busy and living their life via social media on their smartphone and the Internet.

Do you think they want to be “invited” to a presentation? Either by group, or two on one with someone's sponsor?


It worked for me!

In the summer of 2011 I joined a great network marketing company and it wasn't my first time but… it had been 10 years.

I had to re-learn how to succeed in network marketing and I was a great student.

I studied hard, listened to the leaders and got the “eye of the tiger.”

Over the next 24 months I personally enrolled over 48 people!

My excitement and conviction was the enthusiasm could connect with and they wanted to come along!

My team grew to almost 400 people, we had a great (part time) income but I gave it full time effort… then it crashed…. we rebuilt… then it crashed …. we rebuilt.


The short answer is:

“everyone's face is looking at their smartphone”

People aren't looking at people as much anymore. People smile less and God forbid have a conversation.

I met an old friend yesterday, to her I'd seen her brother recently and she said “we don't talk much anymore, we text or chat on Facebook”…….

Think about that:

In the past 5-10 years peoples attention is now online not person to person like network marketing companies are teaching their people to do!

Did I quit Network Marketing?

No, it's in my blood and I'll never lose the passion and goal to find other like minded people who aren't afraid to go after their dreams and want more in life!

I've moved my focus to marketing on the Internet!

Now that I've moved my passion to Internet marketing, it's nice to go to public events and meet and talk to people, WITHOUT seeing them as a prospect!

I don't agree as soo many people missed our opportunity and services…. but soo many people are lost and have no goals for their future, they have no courage to make a change!

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