[LIVE] How to set up your next Facebook advertising campaign. . .

If you have any interest in using Facebook advertising to market your business this year. . .

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This week, the lead generation experts at LeadPages are hosting a new live training called: “What’s Really Working on Facebook: How to Build Your Next Facebook Advertising Campaign.”

This live webinar is happening Thursday at 4 pm Eastern (1 pm Pacific).

As our subscriber, you’re invited to attend this all-new Facebook training.

If you’re not familiar with LeadPages, this lead generation platform creates all the landing pages that you’ve seen on our website. (We can’t recommend LeadPages highly enough.)

With over 35,000 customers just like us, LeadPages is constantly testing to discover which landing pages and other lead-gen tools generate the most sales and conversions.

That includes keeping tabs on exactly what’s working right now on Facebook.

In Thursday’s all-new live training, these lead-gen experts will show you step-by-step what you can do right now to start marketing your business on Facebook.

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Inside Thursday’s live training, you’ll discover. . .

The Right Way to Create a Facebook Advertising Campaign in 2015: Our friends at LeadPages will show you step-by-step how to set up an entire Facebook advertising campaign from start to finish.

(Hint: This includes everything from targeting your ideal audience and capturing their attention to getting them to sign up to your list and making your first sale. )

How One Month = 4,000 New Leads on Facebook: You’ll see the latest, cutting-edge tactics that LeadPages is using right now to generate 4,000 new leads and 250 paying customers every month on Facebook — and they’ll show you how to borrow this Facebook ad strategy for your business.

Low Cost, High Return: How to Make Facebook Advertising Work for You: You’ll hear simple, practical ideas for managing your Facebook Advertising budget, and you’ll discover how to get the most ROI for every Facebook advertising campaign you create from now on.

Again, this is a brand new, never-before-seen live training. There’s no telling when this live training will be available again.

So if you’re interested in using Facebook to drive more sales and leads for your business, we highly encourage you to join this all-new live training on Thursday at 4 pm Eastern (1 pm Pacific).

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We’ll see you at Thursday’s live training.


P.S. When you register for this live training, you’ll also instantly get access to LeadPages 11-part Facebook Advertising course and LeadPages’ all-new Facebook Advertising landing page template. These two gifts are yours when you register for this live training.

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