[LIVE] The answer to: “What’s the right way to advertise on Facebook?”

The answer to: “What’s the right way to advertise on Facebook?”

“What’s really working on Facebook right now?”

You’d be surprised how often that question is asked. After all, Facebook has over 1 billion users worldwide, so Facebook is one of the easiest places to find your next best customers.

The problem is: How do you reach those customers? How do you grab their attention? Once you have their attention, how do you turn these Facebook fans into your next best clients?

This week, LeadPages Marketing Educator (and Facebook expert), Bob Jenkins is hosting a live, never-before-seen training to answer these questions.

Frankly, we can’t wait for this Facebook training. We want to personally invite you to join us.

Go here to register for this all-new Facebook training.

Inside Thursday’s live training, Bob Jenkins will walk you step-by-step through everything you need to know to start advertising on Facebook — and actually see the results you want.

After watching Thursday’s webinar, you’ll understand. . .

The Right Way to Create a Facebook Advertising Campaign in 2015: You’ll know how to set up an entire Facebook advertising campaign from start to finish. (Hint: This includes everything from targeting your ideal audience and capturing their attention to getting them to sign up to your list and making your first sale. )

What You Should Post on Facebook to Find New Customers: A Facebook newsfeed is a blur at best. After this webinar, you’ll know what kind of content you should be posting on Facebook to reach your target audience — even after they leave your Facebook page.

4 Proven Landing Pages That Work Right Now on Facebook: You’ll know the specific landing pages that are generating more leads and driving more sales on Facebook. Plus, you’ll know how to start testing any one of these pages in less than 5 minutes.

Again, this is all happening in this LIVE training Thursday at 4 pm Eastern (1 pm Pacific). We’ll definitely be there. We would love it if you’d join us.

Go here right now to register for this live training.

We hope to see you there on Thursday!

P.S. This is important: Only 1,000 people can be on this webinar at any one time. So I highly encourage you to register now and show up early on Thursday so you don’t miss out on this live training.

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