What I LOVE about Network Marketing Opportunities

What I LOVE about Network Marketing Opportunities

EVERYONE should join a find and join a good network marketing company simply for the personal development, goal setting and social skills you'll learn.

Sure it's great to earn some income but look at it more as an investment in YOU and your future!

The people in network marketing companies

Napoleon Hill probably explains the power of a “Mastermind” best in his books Think and Grow Rich: The Landmark Bestseller – Now Revised and Updated for the 21st Century and the more detailed The Law of Success: In Sixteen Lessons: Complete and Unabridged.

When you get two or more people together, who are like minded and going after the same goals/mission in life, the power is multiplied many times over!

I've met some of my best friends in the network marketing industry and I look forward to events and gatherings to “feel the power and the love” of the group!

The companies and the products/services

I've been involved with and had success with a few network marketing companies. Every time I “did my research” beyond Google and made it a point to search out the leaders and read reviews.

It's my opinion every GOOD company will have a blemish on their record or some of their top leaders may have had a unfortunate background.

Are you a visionary will to risk it all and make some mistakes? That's what the founders and leaders of a good MLM company go through, the go through the hard startup and get through the early problems. They create, tweak and perfect the products/services, the presentation tools etc. By the time most people get started with an network marketing company, the are a few years old and a lot of the “hard work” has been done.  Some people say “I wish I was there in the beginning…. ” NO YOU DON'T, you wouldn't have survived!

The best products and services

If you look at the Direct Selling Associations Top 100 Network Marketing and MLM companies you'll quickly see they have taken “existing products/services” and made them better! Not only are the products/services better but they have changed how the products are brought to market. No longer are the products sent through a distribution system to storefronts or sales/marketing teams. NO longer are the products advertised on TV, print or traditional marketing.

An MLM compensation plan is setup to market the products via a team of people, spanning the globe!

Low Cost Business Startup

Now anyone from any background, with any education can become a distributor/representative for the MLM Network Marketing company. Generally it's less that $50 US and you'll get access to For you “negative thinkers” out there, yes there are some network marketing scams out there but if you take a moment to look around there have been just as many mortgage scams, political scams, investment scams and on and on. There's always “bad people” trying to scam others. This is a small percentage and there are some great MLM and Network Marketing companies out there, hundreds to choose from!

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