My Life Manifesto

I Am the Owner of MY Life. Welcome to my world!

A world of possibilities, a world of learning, a world of understanding. A take-charge world.

Through me, people from all walks of life, from around the globe have a shot at their dreams. See, I am not a company, I am an awakener. I am a teacher. I am a community builder... an empowerer that has changed lives and is resolute to keep changing lives for decades to come.

I won’t stop. I am the Owner of MY Life and my mission on this earth is to elevate the well being of humanity.

Is my task daunting? Hell, yes. Am I afraid? At times. But I don’t allow fear to stop me. Because I thrive on leaps of faith. These leaps are the fires that ignite me and the catalysts of change. And with change comes growth.

I believe following the status quo is what got so many people into the mess they are in. 

It’s going to take unwavering, fearless actions and words to awaken the hearts and minds of people who unknowingly have been following the blind, with the hope and belief that they have been following the enlightened.

I know otherwise. I’ve lived through the lies and have seen the future with my own eyes. I am the Owner of MY Life and I don’t believe hope gets anyone anywhere. Why hope when you can learn, understand, take action, achieve results and get stronger? I am not a helper. I am a teacher, a tough teacher that some won’t be able to handle. I don’t mince words, I rock most boats, I profess action, and I demand hard work today for freedom and happiness tomorrow. But I also simplify the path and keep it fun, entertaining, experiential, and unforgettable. That’s what good teachers do.

I know some people won’t step up. They are simply too lazy, too scared, too comfortable, or are basking in the lull of false security to take charge of their lives. 

Some will come around. And when they do, I’ll be there with lots of entry points: Books they can read. Audios they can listen to. Videos they can watch. Seminars they can attend – just to name a few. I have many doors, and every one of them is open to the willing, no matter their standing in life.

Taking control all starts with a dream. Like those whom I teach, I am learning and growing, too.

I recognize that finding true happiness means expanding beyond a mission of financial well-being to a mission of complete well-being: in health and wellness, spiritual awakening, philanthropy, business building, and purpose. In essence, a Rich Life. And that is my next transformation. Because if we are not growing, then we are dying. Those who have transformed their lives through me have tremendous stories to tell. They are stories of strength, optimism, power, spirit, and winning. These people are going beyond the basics of personal development principles.

They are emerging into the Rich Life, and so am I.

May all your passions and dreams come true,



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